Your journey as a Science Tools in the Classroom (STC) Fellow will begin with a 7-day intensive institute at NMSU June 14-22, 2018 where you will gain valuable skills in the use of innovative technologies to support student inquiry in your life sciences classroom. These technologies revolve around DNA, genetic and genomics, and include computing tools to investigate DNA-based questions. All selected fellows will receive $100 per day professional compensation for the 7 days spent in training, classroom instructional units, and access to science kits and other computing resources. Instructional resources align with the Common Core Standards and the Next Gen Science Standards.

As an STC Fellow, we request your partnership and collaboration in the following ways:

  • Team with 1 or 2 interested teachers from your school or professional learning community, and submit an application. NOTE: At this time, the STC program only has permission to partner with teachers from Las Cruces Public Schools.

  • Attend the STC Summer Fellows Institute June 7-14, 2019 at NMSU.

  • Collaborate in the design of innovative, DNA-based instruction.

  • Collaborate with NMSU researchers on data collection to determine the effectiveness of the the program.

  • Bring your best ideas and experience with working with students to inform the development of the instructional activities.

  • Share ideas and curriculum with other teachers at your school and through other PD opportunities.

  • Integration with Math and Language Arts.

The 7-day 2019 STC Summer Institute will be June 7-14 at NMSU. Applicants for the 2019-2020 class have already been selected.

Questions? Contact Michèle Shuster: